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You Aren’t Possessed; You Are Actually Sick – by Taylor Jones

Since becoming a mental health advocate I've received a lot of uplifting messages. A very popular message I've received is that people are keeping me in their prayers, or that they will pray for me. Although I don't believe in most of these people's God, I appreciate it. I used [...]

When I came out as a woman with mental illness, I was disappointed. – by Taylor Jones

I’ve come out of closets before. For instance, I came out as bisexual when I went away to college. I made a big deal out of it, announcing on Facebook, quoting Lady Gaga, without talking to my family first. I thought I would get backlash from some people, so [...]

What the Tagline “Don’t Be Paranoid, You Look Great” did for me. – by Taylor Jones

I am proud to announce that Schizophrenic.NYC's newest staff blogger is Taylor Jones. What the Tagline "Don’t Be Paranoid, You Look Great" did for me. - by Taylor Jones My mental illness has made me feel a lot of things; anger, mania, sadness, even suicidal. But one of the main things [...]

Guest Blog: Finding the Right Psychiatric Treatment

I am proud to introduce Schizophrenic.NYC's guest blogger, Taylor Jones. Finding the Right Psychiatric Treatment  Finding the right psychiatric treatment is like finding your soulmate; you think it doesn’t exist, until you put a little effort in, and then you surprise yourself. However, it’s a little harder than falling in [...]