Are you struggling to make a decision about whether or not you might be mentally ill?

Do you feel like you don’t know who to talk to about your feelings? In this video, Michelle Hammer and Carolyn Rossiter are reading mental health Reddit stories. Watch what they have to say.

00:00 Welcome to Reading Mental Health Reddit Stories
00:54 Is this mental health related, or am I just an asshole?
04:09 Am I the bad apple for destroying my moms’ mental health?
08:03 Am I a bad person for wanting to break off with a depressed friend for the sake of my own mental health?
12:37 Do I need to tell my “friends” that I am now taking medication for my mental health?
16:33 I [26F] am looking for ways to resolve a squabble between my Husband [37M] in a responsible and mutually satisfying way despite my mental health issues. Yes I am in therapy, have EXCELLENT communication 99% of the time and am seeking kind outside advice and not judgement.