On the Line With Podcast

Hosted by Hanley

On this week’s episode of #OTLW I sit down and speak with Michelle Hammer; owner/founder of Schizophrenic.NYC – a clothing and accessory brand completely dedicated to advocating for Mental Health and Illness. With bold statements slapped across T-Shirts like “I’m mentally ill and I don’t kill” and many other phrases.

What is On The Line With Podcast

A podcast focused on the creatives around Canada and Internationally. Interviewing his guests about all things art, a large focus on Mental Health, as well as social issues and causes supported, advocated, and/or led from the voice of the people behind the talent. “On the Line With” is sure to have listeners captivated by the plethora of stories told to Hanley from every guest he features on the show. Interviewing both the creatives you may have heard of, or may not have heard of, to get a perspective on the podcasts topics we get into.

New Episodes every second Monday of the month @ 8PM EST