Ep 5: Two Truths and a Lie: Stories From a Bipolar and a Schizophrenic

Gabe Howard (Bipolar) and Michelle Hammer (Schizophrenic) decide to play two truths and a lie for the second time. Each tell three unbelievable stories of the past in an effort to trick each other into thinking which one could be true. There are slightly new rules to the game this time regarding the fake stories.

Gabe tells stories of psych ward experiences, including making a dream board about wanting a Rolex, a bearded woman trying to have sex with him, and falling asleep in the shower because he was afraid of his psych ward roommate.

Michelle shares college stories of getting into a fight in a lacrosse game, flipping out on a cheating boyfriend, and lastly, being picked up and tossed out of a bar. Which ones do you think are real?

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