Shoulder Devil

Poetry by D.M. Anderson

There’s a devil on my shoulder
She grinds my teeth down
Her lungs vomit poison
Within it I drown
Fight her with pills
Lock myself in
Never go out
For fear she will win
Nowhere to hide
She lives in my head
Stare at the ceiling
I’ll sleep when I’m dead
My constant companion
Deeper than bone
On the other hand at least I’m never alone

D.M. Anderson
D.M. AndersonPoet

D.M. Anderson is a schizoaffective stay at home dad to two wonderful autistic kids. He spends his nights writing poetry, journaling, and corresponding with penpals.

This poem, Shoulder Devil, was written during Intensive Outpatient Therapy during the art therapy program. At the time, Anderson was at probably one of the lowest points in his life, having just survived a suicide attempt. But through poetry, he is slowly fighting his way back to the light.