The Wondering Mind Podcast Featuring Michelle Hammer

Episode 77: Schizophrenia And The City With Michelle Hammer

In this episode, Michelle talks about some of the experiences she had growing up with schizophrenia, how it impacted her life, how she is able to navigate through and why openly speaking about schizophrenia is so important to her.

About The Wondering Mind Podcast

The Wondering Mind podcast was created for anyone who may be struggling and wants to find support, inspiration, encouragement, resources, and community. Through each candid conversation, you will learn how being vulnerable can be life-changing, why it’s ok not to be ok some of the time, the importance of normalizing mental health, how sharing your story could save a life, and that everyone struggles with their mental health at one point or another. Throughout each episode you will find some digestible tools from Professionals and others, that may help you navigate through a little bit better.

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