Bunny Hugs and Mental Health Featuring Michelle Hammer

Have you ever wondered what a schizophrenic episode really looks like? Michelle is a 30’s something living in New York and she wondered what one of her own episodes looked like. She now has security cameras in her apartment to capture her episodes for her viewing and the worlds. She shares her videos on her social media accounts to show folks how schizophrenia presents itself in her life and to prove she isn’t scary nor a criminal. Michelle is an amazing advocate, podcaster, artist, clothing, and graphic designer. Follow any of her links to support her and pick up some of her merchandise.

About Bunny Hugs and Mental Health

Bunny Hugs and Mental Health deals with all things mental health from addiction, anxiety, and eating disorders to borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, and trauma. We talk to professionals, survivors and loved ones about their sometimes informative, sometimes uplifting, and sometimes tragic stories. Based out of Indian Head SK, Canada.
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