On this episode of Dr. Judith’s Safe Space, I sit down with Michelle Hammer, an artist, entrepreneur, and advocate living with schizophrenia. We discuss Michelle’s experience with schizophrenia, how her artwork has been a therapeutic outlet for managing anxiety and schizophrenia symptoms, common stereotypes, and how schizophrenia manifests uniquely for each person.

Tune in to hear Michelle’s firsthand perspective on living with schizophrenia and thriving despite the challenges, and how we can all turn struggles into something positive.


0:00 – Introduction
0:30 – Michelle’s diagnosis and experience with schizophrenia
5:00 – Healing with art
10:30 – Challenges and misconceptions of living with schizophrenia
15:00 – The importance of support and understanding
20:00 – Michelle’s advocacy work and future projects

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