We are excited to announce that Schizophrenic.NYC was featured in the Adulting201.com GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK: 2020 ETHICAL HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE.

Make your holiday shopping matter this year by purchasing from a company that gives back to the community and world (And give a fantastic gift at the same time!).


Perfect For: The artist, the activist, and everything in between. The person who loves mental health and wants to help reduce the stigma. Michelle’s artwork is displayed across shirts, leggings, masks, and prints, but I want to draw special attention to two of her collections: Her beautifully designed pillboxes as well as her Rorschach line. As someone who takes medication, her pillboxes are not only stunning and compact but normalize the experience of carrying medicine with you. In addition, the design of her Rorschach Test shirt is a fantastic conversation starter, as well as a beautiful design. I am including the description for one of these shirts below to provide insight into the process behind the design. (More in the full gift guide.)”