Written by Taylor Jones.

I think there’s a point in everyone’s life where they think about what life would be like without a mental illness. I too, have thought of this question. So here’s my question today; if you could take a magic pill to cure yourself of mental illness, would you?


Why wouldn’t I just wish it away?


My first instinct is yes! Why wouldn’t I when mental illness has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. Mental illness has destroyed relationships, made me do things I wouldn’t do in the right mind state, and has made me above all hate myself. I hate my mental illness, but I live with it, because I have to. If I didn’t have to, I wouldn’t. I would be able to be a normal 23 year old girl, and do normal things. I’m not grateful for anything my mental health has to offer. My mental illness has stripped my memory, given me flashbacks, and uncontrollable mood swings. Why wouldn’t I just wish it away?


I wouldn’t take the pill.


My final answer would still be no, however. I wouldn’t take the pill. My mental illness gave me a voice; a way to talk to people. Because of my mental illness I have become compassionate to people who are dealing with the same problems as me. I’m helping people daily as an advocate, and trying to pave the road for future generations. The truth is, as much as I hate my mental illness, it has brought me to help a lot of people. I wouldn’t give up the work I do for the world. I would rather struggle, and be compassionate, than not understand and be cold.

Would you take the pill? Comment below why or why not.

Schizophrenic.NYC Mental Health Clothing Line Blog Post

Schizophrenic.NYC Mental Health Clothing Line Blog Post


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