Instinctive Talk Podcast Featuring Michelle Hammer

Michelle Hammer the Founder of Schizophrenic.NYC was interviewed on the Instinctive Talk Podcast.

Instinctive Talk

On Instinctive Talk I want to share life in all its glory and hardships to open conversations about mental health and addiction so we can all see we are all the same. We all struggle, we all have hardships, but I think we all need truth. Nothing is perfect in life, but I believe we all can have better days. On Instinctive Talk I will have solo episodes, interviews, and conversations with people who seek and have found a stability in the world of their own recovery. There will be a bi-weekly episode, so please, subscribe to my podcast, leave a review, and please share it with your friends and family or whoever you think will benefit from some honest and open conversation about mental health issues.