by Megan Griffith

Michelle is the founder of Schizophrenic NYC, a mental health advocacy clothing line operating out of New York City. Previously an award-winning graphic designer, in May of 2015 Michelle decided she wanted to work for herself and do what she could to end the stigma against mental health conditions. She created Schizophrenic NYC and developed artwork, t-shirts, accessories, and more, all designed to make people think differently about mental illness. Michelle is inspired by her personal experience as a schizophrenic New Yorker, and by the countless conversations she’s had with people who have stopped by the Schizophrenic NYC pop up shops.

Last week, we talked about a little bit of everything: how the coronavirus is affecting both her mental health and her business, what she likes and dislikes about being her own boss, and how harmful misrepresentations of psychotic disorders in the media have affected her personal life.

We started by having a good laugh at what quarantine has done to our standards for acceptable appearance in front of other human beings. To be honest, Michelle looked completely fine with her gorgeous curls and Schizophrenic NYC t-shirt as I sat there in a stained shirt with my overgrown pixie cut clipped out of my face.