Tom Ahern is a counsellor and founder of ‘Mind Mate Counselling’, an online counselling program for driven individuals who are ready to establish a vision for their lives and reduce anxious thoughts. As a counsellor, Tom Ahern has a specific interest helping people with trauma related issues—and its many branches which include OCD, panic attacks and triggers—as well as existential and narrative therapy. He believes that we are fundamentally a product of the stories we tell ourselves; our self-fulfilling prophecies. Furthermore, he believes in building a simple and meaningful life and helps individuals make practical, long-lasting changes.

Tom is also the host of ‘The Mind Mate Podcast’ which helps listeners ‘get to know themselves’. He interviews spiritualists, philosophers, psychologists and others from all walks of life.

Tom Ahern interviewed Michelle, the creator and founder of Schizophenic.NYC. Listen Below.