Borne Dance Company and Schizophrenic.NYC collaborated on a photoshoot.

Borne Dance Company is a team of collaborating artists led by New York based choreographers Katie Kilbourn and Kianna Moye. Although both choreographers of Borne Dance Company vary in artistic nuance, they share a common goal of creating work that educates and raises awareness of eating disorders and other mental illness. By collaborating with musicians, visual artists, and spoken word artists, Borne offers donation based shows that provide educational resources and information on where to find help for these conditions. Donation based shows provide the opportunity to reach a wider range of audience members, and when possible donations are given back to organizations that provide research and resources to those who are dealing with these disorders and illnesses. Through their own personal experiences and research, the members of Borne Dance Company create thought provoking work that  sparks interest, compassion, and empathy in their audience. Borne Dance Company believes that education and compassion can lead to the prevention and an understanding of eating disorders and other mental illnesses. Since its inception in 2015 Borne has performed at The Producer’s Club, Dixon Place, Green Space, Anita’s Way, St. Paul’s Upstair’s Theater, and The Brick.


This year Borne aims to expand their presence as an educational resource for awareness surrounding social issues. They have plans to collaborate with individual artists,  and organizations that align with their mission including Schizophrenic.NYC, The National Eating Disorders Association, and Project Heal. Borne is thrilled to be representing the work of Schizophrenic.NYC and plan on representing Michelle Hammer’s designs in their upcoming project, “Packages Boxes and Bags” set to debut in Fall of 2017.


Mental illness has become essential to Borne’s mission because of it’s huge impact on Katie and Kianna’s lives. Having friends and family affected by mental illness, it’s important to them to use their work to raise awareness and lessen the stigma surrounding it within their own capabilities as company owners. On a national scale, in our current administration it is now more important than ever for America to witness the positive impact that art can have on society and prove the fact that art is indeed a necessity and not a luxury.

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