Schizophrenic.NYC Founder, Michelle Hammer and the CEO of, Sarah Fader have created the book:

When you think everyone hates you & so much more

#ThisIsWhatAnxietyFeelsLike The Book!

#ThisIsWhatAnxietyFeelsLike is a viral hashtag created by Sarah Fader that took over Twitter in 2017. People all over the world shared their anxious thoughts in the form of tweets.  #ThisIsWhatAnxietyFeelsLike has been covered by The New York Times, Psychology Today, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and Refinery29. This book is a visual representation of what it’s like to be anxious. Illustrated by Michelle Hammer of Schizophrenic NYC, the book features a variety of anxious thoughts and feelings translated through stunning artwork. Anxiously read along and you’re bound to relate to pages at time.



You Can Download The eBook Here

[sociallocker] You can Download the Cover Here. You can Download the eBook Here.[/sociallocker]

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