Pawsitive Tales Features Paisley!

Michelle and Paisley

In 2022, Michelle welcomed Paisley into her life. Since then, they have formed a special bond and have helped each other so much.

A year and a half ago, Michelle and her partner were looking to adopt a furry friend. After some searching, they settled on visiting the New Rochelle Humane Society. It was there that Michelle met a sweet pup named Paisley. From that moment, she knew that Paisley was perfect and adopted her then and there.

Before adopting Paisley, Michelle struggled to get out of bed in the mornings and stick to a day-to-day routine. She experiences schizophrenia, which presents obstacles and barriers in her daily life. However, having a furry friend has helped her hugely. Paisley helps comfort and support her human and makes each day just a bit easier. Every morning, she wakes Michelle by licking her face until she gets out of bed, something that has become part of their routine. As well as this, whenever Michelle is having a tough day, Paisley is always right there. She follows her wherever she goes and reminds her that she’s not alone.

Pawsitive Tales

Michelle uses her journey with schizophrenia to spread awareness and provide hope for thousands of people who experience or know someone who has similar experiences through her organization, Schizophrenic.NYC. Through this, Michelle shares her journey and the realities of living with schizophrenia, educates people, and sells her own designs and works of art, all to raise awareness and fight the stigma associated with schizophrenia and psychosis. Recently, Michelle has even released a book, ‘Should You Hide Your Schizophrenia?’ to further raise awareness and share hope. Paisley often makes an appearance across the Schizophrenic.NYC social media pages as an adorable model, showcasing some of Michelle’s designs and products.

Not only has Paisley impacted Michelle, but also family and friends. Whether they’re out and about, at a family function, or somewhere else, having each other’s company means a lot. Everyone they know is always excited to see Paisley and welcome her with open arms to any event.

Pawsitive Tales

Something that Michelle and Paisley enjoy is spending time together. Every day, they go for a walk around their neighborhood where they get to meet lots of new people and dogs. After a long day, however, they enjoy simply snuggling up and relaxing in each other’s company.

The bond that Michelle and Paisley share is truly special. To Michelle, Paisley is a source of unconditional love, and that means the world to her. They have changed each other’s lives and continue to bring love, laughter, joy and hope into every single day, simply because they have one another.

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