One of the drawbacks to talking to people for a living about bipolar and schizophrenia is that the people often want to talk back. While most of the conversations are supportive and caring, some of the questions and comments Gabe and Michelle hear are less than inspiring.

As anyone who leaves their house already knows, going outside means you have to endure some level of ignorance. Women and minorities have spoken for years about the stupid comments they’ve had to put up with from the public. We are not talking about blatant sexism or racism either, just little irksome comments that would otherwise go unnoticed – if they weren’t so damn annoying. they learned from them, and what they honestly think of the people who wrote them. Suffice to say that mental health advocacy isn’t for the weak.

“Somebody came up to me after a speech and said,
’You just don’t look like a person with Bipolar Disorder.’”
– Gabe Howard

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