The Mental Wealth Podcast is hosted by Kaylor Betts (founder of MWP) and will be a place where at times intense, stimulating, and knowledge-ridden conversations will take place with a variety of different guests for each episode. These guests may be professionals in the Mental Health space or everyday individuals who have an impactful story to share with the world about their journey with Mental Health challenges. The mission of the Mental Wealth Podcast is to provide an incredibly valuable and free resource for anyone looking to improve their Mental Health. To unpack and share the tools, tips, and best practices that help in overcoming Mental Health challenges, and to most importantly provide hope and instill optimism into the hearts of those who want and need a better life.

Michelle Hammer, of Schizophrenic.NYC joins Kaylor to talk about her life and living with schizophrenia. This diagnosis is highly misunderstood and people living with this illness face a lot of stigma. Michelle helps shine a light on schizophrenia and shares her courageous and ongoing story living with this disorder. Schizophrenia is a challenging illness, but Michelle is breaking down walls with her project, Schizophrenic NYC, a clothing line promoting awareness and geared toward smashing the stigma. This episode is sure to expand your understanding and educate. Enjoy!