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Should My Mental Illness Stop Me From Having Children? – By Taylor Jones

There are a lot of big debates in the world of mental illness. What's better, holistic care or big pharma prescriptions? Assisted suicide or more intensive counseling? And of course, does mental health really exist (let me answer that with a big, fat yes). But as I've adventured into [...]

You Aren’t Possessed; You Are Actually Sick – by Taylor Jones

Since becoming a mental health advocate I've received a lot of uplifting messages. A very popular message I've received is that people are keeping me in their prayers, or that they will pray for me. Although I don't believe in most of these people's God, I appreciate it. I used [...]

When I came out as a woman with mental illness, I was disappointed. – by Taylor Jones

I’ve come out of closets before. For instance, I came out as bisexual when I went away to college. I made a big deal out of it, announcing on Facebook, quoting Lady Gaga, without talking to my family first. I thought I would get backlash from some people, so [...]

What the Tagline “Don’t Be Paranoid, You Look Great” did for me. – by Taylor Jones

I am proud to announce that Schizophrenic.NYC's newest staff blogger is Taylor Jones. What the Tagline "Don’t Be Paranoid, You Look Great" did for me. - by Taylor Jones My mental illness has made me feel a lot of things; anger, mania, sadness, even suicidal. But one of the main things [...]

Guest Blog: Finding the Right Psychiatric Treatment

I am proud to introduce Schizophrenic.NYC's guest blogger, Taylor Jones. Finding the Right Psychiatric Treatment  Finding the right psychiatric treatment is like finding your soulmate; you think it doesn’t exist, until you put a little effort in, and then you surprise yourself. However, it’s a little harder than falling in [...]