On Realizing She Has Schizophrenia

I didn’t realize that something was wrong with me until I was 18 years old and just starting college. In high school, I always thought my mom was really against me, like she was trying to hurt me, and I blamed here for a lot of things. When I got to college, I thought I was free of her and all my problems. All of a sudden, I started to believe my best friend / roommate was plotting against me. Then, I realized it’s me, it’s me, there’s something wrong with me.

I went to the health center and told them what was wrong. They went through a checklist of questions – I barely knew what to say because I was so distraught. In just one day, they diagnosed me as bipolar and suggested I see the campus psychiatrist. I was so desperate, I went, and within ten seconds, the I was given a prescription with no background about side effects whatsoever.

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