Schizophrenic.NYC teamed up with Students with Psychosis and will be asking students a series of questions. Here is the first.

On Instagram, we asked the question,

Early Symptoms Of Psychosis

“What Were Your Early Symptoms Of Psychosis?”

These are the answers.

psychosis symptoms

“Religious Messages From GOD”


psychosis symptoms

“Often Times I Would Remain Silent”


psychosis symptoms

“I Began To Hear Whispering”


psychosis symptoms

“I Thought I Was Being Watched All The Time.”


More To Come From Our Question/Answer Series. If you think you have a good question, let me know on the contact page.


Early Symptoms Of Psychosis

Michelle Hammer is a Schizophrenia Activist and created and founded the company Schizophrenic.NYC. She is an NYC native and was featured in the WebMD documentary Voices, which was nominated for a Tribeca X Award at the Tribeca Film Festival 2018. Michelle has also been featured in Mashable, The Daily Mail, Stylist, and Buzzfeed to name a few. Michelle was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at 22, after a misdiagnosis of Bipolar at age 18. At 27, Michelle decided to use her artistic talents, and fearless personality to do something that could benefit the mental health community. In May 2015, she founded the company Schizophrenic.NYC, which is a clothing line with the mission of reducing stigma by starting conversations about mental health.