Early Symptoms Of Psychosis

2020-07-07T22:40:12+00:00July 4th, 2020|QandA|

Schizophrenic.NYC teamed up with Students with Psychosis and will be asking students a series of questions. Here is the first. On Instagram, we asked the question, "What Were Your Early Symptoms Of Psychosis?" These are the answers. "Religious Messages From GOD" @Ashtea553 "Often Times I Would Remain Silent" @MYMINDMATTERS.JPG "I [...]

What Does “Don’t Be Paranoid, You Look Great” Mean To You?

2020-06-22T15:50:07+00:00June 22nd, 2020|QandA|

Schizophrenic.NYC's main slogan since the beginning has been "Don't Be Paranoid, You Look Great." At first, we didn't even have merchandise that said that slogan, however due to popular demand, we started a whole collection. On Instagram, we asked the question, "What does 'Don't Be Paranoid, You Look Great.' mean to you?" These are [...]


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