Medium Features Michelle Hammer, Founder of Schizophrenic.NYC

Schizophrenic.NYC: How I Navigate Life With Schizophrenia, And How You Can Too

An Interview With Stephanie Greer

Medium Features Michelle Hammer, Founder of Schizophrenic.NYC

Listen to the people around you. If they notice you’re acting differently talk to your doctor. You might need to adjust your medication, or maybe you need to talk with other people in your life to make you less stressed.

Living with schizophrenia presents a unique set of challenges. This condition can profoundly impact an individual’s personal, social, and professional life. But it’s crucial to note that countless individuals with schizophrenia lead productive and successful lives, transforming their experiences into powerful narratives of strength and resilience. We would like to share and shed light on the realities, the strategies, and the triumphs of navigating life with this disorder. For this series, we are talking to individuals who are diagnosed with schizophrenia, who can share their personal journeys, strategies, coping mechanisms, and expert advice to help others in similar situations. As a part of this interview series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Michelle Hammer.

Michelle Hammer is a Schizophrenia Activist and spends her time passionately fighting stigma. Michelle was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 22 after a misdiagnosis of bipolar at age 18. In May 2015, she founded a mental health-focused clothing brand. Schizophrenic.NYC is a clothing brand with the mission of reducing stigma by starting conversations about mental health.