What is it like to live with Schizophrenia? Q&A

What is it like to live with Schizophrenia?
In this video, Michelle Hammer, who lives with schizophrenia answers your questions to common questions she gets about life with the disorder.

How did she get schizophrenia? What it’s like to have a schizophrenia episode. What happens after a schizophrenia episode? How do people react to schizophrenia episodes?

00:00 How did my hallucinations start?
00:40 How do I deal with schizophrenia when it’s scary?
01:12 How often do I have Schizophrenia episodes?
02:10 What happens after a Schizophrenia hallucination?
02:30 Do I have any other disorders besides Schizophrenia?
03:06 What is my Doctor like?
03:56 So you think you’re worse than I am with your Schizophrenia.
04:38 Do the hallucinations ever make me angry or act out?
05:38 Why did I not talk a lot in high school?
06:31 Let’s go over one of my Schizophrenia episode videos.
07:12 Can I harm anyone around me during a Schizophrenia episode?
07:55 What triggers a Schizophrenia episode and my delusions?
08:58 What do you say to a parent who stigmatizes your Schizophrenia?
09:55 What is my partner doing during my Schizophrenia Episodes?
10:18 What’s really going on during a Schizophrenia episode?

Learn more about Michelle and her company at https://www.Schizophrenic.NYC