What Should I Wear To Support Mental Health?

Sometimes mental health advocacy can seem distant or unfeasible for the everyday person, but it can be as simple as what you choose to wear.

1. Define Normal – T-Shirt

define normal mental health t-shirt

The Define Normal T-Shirt, for example, poses an ostensibly simple task – “Define Normal”. “Normal” has been constructed to exclude those with mental illnesses, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Asking ourselves how we can redefine the status quo is an important step to accepting others for who they are.

2. I’m Mentally Ill, And I Don’t Kill – T-Shirt

Im Mentally Ill And I Don't Kill T-Shirt by Schizophrenic.NYC

Equally provocative is this T-shirt, which states “I’m Mentally Ill, and I Don’t Kill”. Mental illness has been unfairly blamed for the excessive gun violence in the United States when in reality those with mental illness are more likely to be victims rather than perpetrators of violence. Wear this shirt to challenge the stigma surrounding mental illness, especially psychosis.

3. Don’t Be Paranoid. You Look Great – T-Shirt

Don't Be Paranoid. You Look Great. T-Shirt by Schizophrenic.NYC

As Michelle recounts in her podcast, Schizophrenia and the City, one of the most debilitating effects of schizophrenia is the damage it inflicts upon self-esteem. Affirming statements for the mental health community are hard to come by, and so it is of vital importance to stand in solidarity with individuals with psychosis. You can do just this by wearing this T-shirt, whose message is simple – “Don’t Be Paranoid, You Look Great”.

4. It’s Not a Delusion, You Are Incredible – T-Shirt

it's not a delusion you are incredible

Another T-shirt proudly proclaims, “It’s Not a Delusion, You Are Incredible”.

5. Don’t Be Paranoid. You Look Great – Bracelet

Don't Be Paranoid. You Look Great - bracelet

6. It’s Not a Delusion, You Are Incredible – Tote Bag

It's Not A Delusion. You Are Incredible - Mental Health Awareness Black Tote

Or, if you prefer, you can wear your support on your wrist with these bracelets or carry it in style as a tote bag. These accessories can provide a much-needed confidence boost to anyone who is struggling with their mental health.

7. Blue Rorschach Test – T-Shirt

blue rorschach test t-shirt

Advocacy need not take the form of words either. Such is the case with this T-shirt, with Michelle’s signature Rorschach test artwork printed upon it, which serves a dual purpose of aesthetic flair and urging others to look at things from a perspective other than their own. Everybody sees a Rorschach test differently. Likewise, people with psychosis experience the world differently, and that is no reason to stigmatize them. Michelle illustrates (literally) this point with her artwork, which takes the intricate design of the Rorschach test and paints it in a new light.

8. Mental Health Artwork Necklaces

Mental Health Necklace

If you’re looking for a smaller accessory, one of these necklaces will do the trick. No two snowflakes are identical, and neither are any two of these necklaces. There’s only one of each kind in the world, just like people.