4 Sleep Hygiene Techniques. Why Is It Important For Mental Health?

2020-04-13T15:31:10+00:00April 13th, 2020|collaboration, facts, Gabe Howard, infographic, Michelle Hammer|

Sleep Hygiene Sleep hygiene is developing necessary habits to allow for good nighttime sleep quality which leads to feeling rested and alert all day. Check out the Sleep Hygiene Infographic below.

How You Can Help A Suicidal Friend Infographic

2017-06-19T18:13:34+00:00June 19th, 2017|infographic|

Suicide is kind of a dirty word in the world we live in. It’s not talked about often enough. A lot of us don’t know the protocol on what to do if someone we know confesses they’re suicidal. Do we just ignore it? How are you supposed to act towards them? What is actually wrong [...]

Paranoia Infographic by Schizophrenic.NYC

2017-05-22T17:45:55+00:00May 22nd, 2017|infographic, Michelle Hammer|

Paranoia is something that has plagued me for almost my entire life.  It can ruin relationships between family, friends and anyone who tries to help you.  You believe people who are actually trying to help you, are trying you hurt you. Paranoia, can make it hard to get help because you don't trust anyone around [...]

The Dumb F*cking Sh*t People Have said to Me…BTW I’m Schizophrenic

2017-04-27T15:49:53+00:00April 27th, 2017|Creative, infographic|

Being Schizophrenic and open about it has it's positive and negatives.  Most of the time people praise me for being so honest about having a mental illness. However, I often get asked, or get told, some really dumb f*cking sh*t, so I made an infographic about it. Check it out below!


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