Mental Health Gift Guide 2022

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Mental Health Gift Guide 2022 With the Holiday Season upon us, Schizophrenic.NYC brings you our annual Mental Health Gift Guide for the 2022 season. USE CODE “HOLIDAY22” FOR A DISCOUNT ON YOUR FAVORITE MENTAL HEALTH MERCH 1. Define Normal Mental Health T-Shirt “Define Normal” – it [...]

Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Deal With Mental Illnesses

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Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Deal With Mental Illnesses Mental illness is a broad term covering many health conditions that impact thoughts, emotions, and behavior. A person may have a mental health concern for a short period, but when it affects their daily function, they may be dealing with a mental illness. Mental illness [...]

Mental Health Leggings Photoshoot

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Here at Schizophrenic.NYC,  we are so excited to have Desire Ortiz model the Mental Health Leggings Collection. Desire Ortiz is a Professional Dancer and Artist in New York City. Follow her on Instagram at @_Desire.X. “Bleach” Black & White Print Leggings PURCHASE HERE “Wake Up” Print Leggings PURCHASE HERE [...]

What People With Schizophrenia Want You To Know

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During RETHINK week, Michelle and Students With Psychosis worked with many other psychosis advocates producing videos and photos.  Here are some of the awesome media that was produced. Cecilia McGough Cecilia McGough is a New York City-based mental health activist, writer, media consultant, and [...]

We Are Launching A Brand Ambassador Program

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We are so excited to announce that Schizophrenic.NYC has launched a brand ambassador program. We would love to collaborate with you! Schizophrenic.NYC is looking for mental health aware, passionate people to join our community. If you have a love for social media, engaging with others, and spreading awareness for mental health, please fill out [...]

We made it into Wego Health 2018 Top 10 Best in Show Podcasts!

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Here at Schizophrenic.NYC we are excited to announce that A Bipolar, A Schizophrenic, And A Podcast made it into Wego Health's Best In Show Top 10 Podcasts of 2018! Michelle Hammer  Mental Health Patient Leader Facebook | Twitter | Instagram “I’m a Schizophrenic New Yorker who decided to use my creativity and fearless personality to do something different. [...]

Samuel Miltich, Amazing Jazz Guitarist and Paranoid Schizophrenic

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My name is Sam Miltich.  I am diagnosed with paranoid Schizophrenia.  I am a full time jazz guitarist based in Minnesota.  I live in Grand Rapids, Minnesota which is in the northern part of the state.  Its a relatively small town with 10,000 people.  I was born and raised here. I have lived breifly [...]

Michelle was interviewed on PRN.fm. Listen Now!

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We are so excited to announce that the founder of Schizophrenic.NYC, Michelle Hammer was interviewed by Mark Farrell of the Progressive Radio Network. Listen below to hear the interview:   You can listen to the entire radio broadcast with other guests and commentary on news Here >

Schizophrenic.NYC in STYLIST.co.uk

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This clothing range is designed to raise awareness of mental illness Having been diagnosed with schizophrenia aged 22, graphic designer Michelle Hammer wanted to do something to reduce the stigma around mental health issues. Thus, last year her company Schizophrenic.NYC was born. Featuring slogan tees and vest tops with lines such as the company’s tag line, [...]


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Schizophrenic.NYC is proud to announce our new Tee! "It's Not a Delusion, You Are Incredible" Available Now for Pre-order! www.schizophrenic.nyc/shop/delusional-t-shirt Use coupon code "delusional15" to get 15% off starting today (9/2/16) and lasting through labor day weekend! Available Now for Pre-order! www.schizophrenic.nyc/shop/delusional-t-shirt


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