Mental Health Gift Guide for the Holidays

This season we picked the greatest gifts from Schizophrenic.NYC for all your holiday needs.

For The Person On-The-Go

Do you know someone who has a fast-paced life? Are they running from place to place? Do you ever forget to take meds in this rush? Well, check out our pillboxes! With art made by Michelle, you cannot get these completely original pillboxes anywhere else.

For The Interior Designer

If you know someone who loves to decorate, loves color, and loves to have a great statement piece then artwork by Michelle is perfect for you! Each piece comes from hand drawings and is post-processed to become colorful eye-catching designs.

For The Person Who Likes To Make A Statement

Check out our awesome graphic tees with our original slogans. Don’t Be Paranoid, You Look Great – T-Shirt and Tank Top. It’s Not A Delusion, You Are Incredible – T-Shirt. Define Normal – T-Shirt. And I’m Mentally Ill, And I Don’t Kill T-Shirt.

For The Active Person

Active people will love the leggings collection. These leggings are Black Milk quality. Made with art by Michelle these leggings are completely original and unbelievably comfortable.

For The Homebody

Who doesn’t love a mug? Mugs are great for the person who likes to have some quiet time with a nice hot drink in their hand.

The Psychological Person

The Rorschach Test T-Shirts and Tank Tops are great for anyone in the psych field, or anyone interested in psychology.  The idea behind these is: The Rorschach Test is usually plain black. When a person with Schizophrenia looks at this test or just goes through life, things are seen from a different perspective. By changing up the colors and patterns in the test, now everyone sees it from a different perspective. This creates a discussion. Only through discussion can we reduce or end stigma.

For Someone Who Wants To Come Out About Their Mental Illness

The I’m Mentally Ill, And I Don’t Kill Tee might seem intimidating, however, this is tee says what you might not be able to. Open up about your mental illness (if you feel comfortable) and have an awesome time doing it!